Salone del Mobile in Milan 12–17 April 2011

Visitor's outfit at it’s best captured on the ground floor of Spazio Rossana Orlandi: sparkling red slender heels with matching polished nails, hemline above the knee, leather jacket with matching massive bag. Was somebody quoting Jim Morrison ’Hello…’ ?

Spazio Rossana Orlandi at Via Matteo Bandello 14/16, a former factory in the Magenta area, a mixture of contemporary and vintage furniture and a gallery dedicated to unique pieces. Flea market mood with some logo bags and four inch shoes

More design art, ’Suitcase drawers 10’ and ’Suitcase drawers 6’ made of vintage suitcases and iron frames by James Plumb for Salone 2011 at Galleria Rossana Orlandi.

LV Neverfull monogram here used as tote bag plus a strange ostrich sculpture

Design Art from Slovanian designer Nika Zupanc, b. 1974. Nika has this feminine allure that women from the former East bloc can posses. She has appeared in tight 50s pencil skirts and heels when photographed for promotional matters and some of her objects are equally tempting. Seduction, kitsch, citation and playfulness are her trademarks, possible Fetish Chic Design. She has made lamps for Moooi. Her installation Selfdiscipline was shown at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, this is "HOMEWORK Table".

Nika Zupanc’s HOMEWORK Cabinet, is a moving wardrobe cabinet on brass wheels with paper fan effects, a combination of Japanese minimalism and apparel voyeurism.

Nika Zupanc happily embraces female beauty in her promotional images; fashion beauty meets furniture, she calls her furniture 'emotional ergonomis', we are far removed from the ascetic Scandinavian modernism. The beauty is btw herself.

Sexy lamps A-B-C 010 by Simon Klenell and Kristoffer Sundin for the Swedish company A-B-C "based on three basic principles of glassblowing - blowing, turning and gravitational force". Seen at Spazio Rossana Orlandi ground floor.

Religion, patterns, Japan, Astrology: A blonde mature madam without a bag in a funky dress accompanied by four inch heels. Spotted at the first floor of Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

Snout Cup from Burojet, could they work at the Korova Milk Bar ?

Sayaka Yamamoto is from Japan and is one half of the design duo bcxsy formed in Holland in 2007. Bcxsy exhibited the Design Art project Origin part II, something about woollen rugs and Bedouins at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi. Sayaka Yamamoto obviously wears beige ballerinas combined with tight footless black tights, a white kind of tube dress plus a patterned openish shirt. The setting with the rugs and miss Sayaka in her outfit renders a certain Japanese shibari feel to the room but this was most likely unintended from the designers point of concept, but hey, never underestimate the viewer reappropriation !

’Square Table ManuFatti’ by Manuela Crotti seen at Spazio Rossana Orlandi. Great idea, however I would prefer to use my own objets trouvés.

Beez lights in paper. A co-branded exhibition at via Tortona: French exhibition design maker Procedes Chenel International and Argentinian designer Octavio Amado living and working in Paris. Octavio Amado explores mobiles and lighting among other things.

Three semi-mature bagladies, two brunettes and one blonde as delicious and sculptural as the Octavio Amado creations. They are playing on the black and white, they show well proportioned legs wrapped in textile. However the white sneakers ruin the impression, she should have used white ballerinas for a more complete feminine and sensual synchronization.

A street in the Tortona area, LV monogram, tight black plus graffiti at wall and under moderately high heels. Observe the little leather belt that emphasises the waist.

Lammhults is a Swedish furniture company founded in 1945, they assert “Unique designs characterized by innovation and aesthetic awareness that never go out of style”. Well they certainly understand to use universal aesthetics in their promotional images. Thank you Lammhults for pleasing our senses.

Copenhagen Fur had an exhibition space in Tortona. Somehow it didn’t quite work. Mink and modernist chairs are incompatible as the combination undermines the opulent profanity associated with the last remaining real fetish object: the fur coat.

Uniformly dressed Samsung girls, very secretary.

MOOOI, also in Zona Tortona. It is obvious that Marcel Wanders appreciates female beauty. The lamp at the top of the image is an example of Slovanian designer Nika Zupanc's sexy lighting ‘Lolita’.

Car bondage in Zona Tortona

Marching bagladies at via Tortona

iO Seat was exhibited at Designers Block in the Ventura Lambrate area designed by Kostantinos Chalaris from London. The chair is a fresh revitalization of Postmodernism or maybe better, an opulent form of Modernism? IO obviously refers to Iconic Order, one of the three main orders of classical Greek architecture, semi-profane in architectural Modernism (ornament is crime), quoted in Postmodernism. The chair comes in a selection of sparkling Pop Art colours, (Verner Panton?) red, white, orange, green, yellow and black. It is made of marine plywood, a wooden material that is used in the construction of docks and boats, as it is highly resistant to high-moisture environments. The iO Seat is highly intertextual and photogenic, possibly sexy, at least with the proper poseur sitting on it. Kostantinos Chalaris dissertation from RCA 2009 was on the subject of Distinction – hopefully not the boring Pierre Bourdieu kind. N.B. Io was one of the female lovers of Zeus.

Relief in Ventura Lambrate: Art Girl in Burberry trenchcoat, semi-high heels and LV Sutton monogram.

Another enTrenched design loving baglady showing legs while making a snapshot, seen at the Designers Block

What a BIG bag for such a knee booted, skirted, leg crossing, Asian looking design enthusiast in a trenchcoat?

Bagladies arriving at the huge I Saloni exhibition fairground in the Rho area of Milan, one is dressed in ballerinas, Birkin and furcoat.

Polka dotted skirt, ballerinas and an impressive Miu Miu resting on the table while she takes a ride in the Tip Ton chair designer by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Vitra seen at I Saloni

All troussered and booted bagladies resting.

So serious looking they are, the blonde is sporting a Gucci bag.

Typing away on a Pad but dressed in sensible Louboutin shoes for the office and a black skirt with corset details at the back, at I Saloni.

She could have been Russian but her two toned ballerinas made a difference at I Saloni

Two bagladies attracting attention at the I Saloni.

Rhetorical forms: black and white against blue and blonde.

Artsy and Speedy LV monograms lunching together.

So adorable in a world of furniture: partly bared arms and partly bared legs combined with a black leather bag complete with a matching tight leather skirt and leather heels.

Now this is surely a very BIG Neverfull LV monogram.

There is an abundance of great male characters suited for fashion images in Milan, I would love to do a Ménage à trois fashion spread with these deux monsieurs plus a young femme fatale.

Dangling in Prada.

'Moving tables' says the Italian text on the wall, but it looks more like the two brunettes are showing tight jeans, ankle boots, arms and a medium sized LV Speedy

A very well groomed mature baglady holding a beige C bag while typing on her mobile.

Standing erect and striking a classical bag pose with her brown Prada.

Via Montenapoleone celebrating the design week

Sisters in arms at via della Spiga.

Look’s like an old Newton photo but it could be a facsimile.

Mature madam using fashion to her advantage.

Young floor manageress at the Flos party.

Looking at Design Art in the basement at the Flos party.

Heavily armed Bagladies arrive in the morning at Corso Como.

Brunch tabel at Georg Jensen exhibition upstairs at Corso Como

Shoes at the Georg Jensen brunch at Corso Como

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